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Anne-Lise Halvorsen - Associate Professor, Social Studies Education
Teacher Education in the College of Educationat Michigan State University

phone: 517.355.9603

office address:
Department of Teacher Education
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane, Room 359
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824


Anne-Lise Halvorsen is an associate professor of teacher education, specializing in social studies education, at Michigan State University. Halvorsen’s work focuses on elementary social studies education, the history of education, the integration of social studies and literacy, teacher preparation in the social studies, and students' historical thinking. She is author of A History of Elementary Social Studies: Romance and Reality(Peter Lang, 2013), and co-author, with Jere Brophy and Janet Alleman, of the third edition of the social studies methods textbook, Powerful Social Studies for Elementary Students(Cengage, 2012). She has published articles in Journal of Curriculum Studies, Journal of Social Studies Research, Paedagogica Historica, Phi Delta Kappan, Teachers College Record, The Social Studies, and Theory and Research in Social Education. She teaches undergraduate courses in elementary social studies education and field instruction, master's courses in the history of education, and doctoral courses in teacher education, quantitative methods, and the history of education. Halvorsen is involved in K-12 settings, most recently as a project director for a Michigan Department of Education Improving Teacher Quality Grant. She currently serves as an associate editor for Journal of Curriculum Studies, on the Editorial Board of Theory and Research in Social Education, and on the Board of the Michigan Council for History Education. She is a former kindergarten teacher and former curriculum writer for the state of Michigan.

research interests:
  • history of U.S. education
  • elementary social studies education
  • preservice teacher education in social studies
  • integration of social studies and literacy
  • history education