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Anne-Lise Halvorsen - Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

Teacher Education in the College of Educationat Michigan State University

Journal Articles

Hong, W., & Halvorsen, A. (in press). Teaching the US in South Korean secondary classrooms: The curriculum of ‘the superior other.’ Journal of Curriculum Studies.

Halvorsen, A., & Kesler-Lund, A. (in press). Lesson study and history instruction: Rewards and challenges. The Social Studies.

Halvorsen, A., & Mirel, J. (in press). Intercultural education in Detroit, 1943-1954. Paedagogica Historica.

Halvorsen, A., Duke, N. K., Brugar, K. A., Block, M. K., Strachan, S. L., Berka, M. B., & Brown, J. M. (2012). Narrowing the achievement gap in second-grade social studies and content area literacy: The promise of a project-based approach. Theory and Research in Social Education, 40, 198-229.

Halvorsen, A. (2012). “Don’t know much about history”: The New York Times 1943 survey of U.S. history and the controversy it generated. Teachers College Record, 118, 1-32.

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Halvorsen, A. (2008). The expanding communities curriculum: From disciplines to
topics. Journal for the Historiography of Education Theory and Research in Social Education, 14, 82-87.


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Halvorsen, A. (2013). A history of elementary social studies: Romance and reality. New York: Peter Lang.

Book Chapters

Halvorsen, A. (in press). K-12 History education: Curriculum, instruction, and professional
development. In J. Passe & P. Fitchett (Eds.), Research on the status of social studies: Views from the field. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age.
Halvorsen, A., Alleman, J., & Brugar, K. (2013). Integration of literacy and social studies. In
B. M. Taylor & N. K. Duke (Eds.), Handbook of effective literacy instruction: Research-based practices K-8. New York: Guilford Press. 394-416
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informational text. In A.M. Pinkham, T. Kaefer, & S.B. Neuman, (Eds.), Knowledge development in early childhood: Sources of learning and classroom implications (pp. 205-219). New York: Guilford.
Halvorsen, A. (2011). Facilitating discussions in social studies classrooms. In W. Russell, (Ed.),
Contemporary social studies: An essential reader (pp. 385-398). Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age.
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Halvorsen, A. (2009). Instructional planning and practice through micro-teaching. In
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Halvorsen, A., & Mirel, J. (2009). Educating citizens: Social problems meet progressive education in Detroit, 1930-52. In K. Wong & R. Rothman (Eds.), Clio at the table: A conference on the uses of history to inform and improve education policy (pp. 9-36). New York: Peter Lang.

Book Reviews and Book Review Essays

Halvorsen, A. (2011). Book review, Megan J. Elias, Stir it up: Home economics in American
culture. History of Education Quarterly 51(3), 413-415.
Halvorsen, A. (2010). Book review essay, Peter N. Stearns, Childhood in world history and
Howard P. Chudacoff, Children at play. History of Education Quarterly 50(1), 123-131.