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Anne-Lise Halvorsen - Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

Teacher Education in the College of Educationat Michigan State University


History of U.S. Education: History and Social Studies Teaching and Learning

This research area focuses on the history of curriculum, in particular history and social studies education. It consists of three projects:
  • a book on the history of elementary social studies (based upon my dissertation) contracted with Peter Lang.
  • an article that studies an American history exam administered by The New York Times to college freshman in 1943, and the ensuing controversy it inspired.
  • an article focused on the history of intercultural education, a short-lived educational movement in the mid twentieth century that was designed to promote positive relations between groups of different races, creeds, national origins, and economic status.

Preparing Teachers/Preparing Citizens: Developing Practices for Leading Discussions in the Elementary Classroom

This project proposes to analyze effective ways of teaching future elementary teachers to lead classroom discussions in their social studies lessons – in essence, to become teacher-discussion facilitators. Specifically, this project studies the following research questions:
  • How can elementary social studies methods courses prepare teacher candidates to initiate and sustain discussion of topics, including those of a controversial nature, in elementary classrooms?
  • What pedagogical strategies in the methods classes help teacher candidates develop the skills needed for leading discussions?